Who are youWho are you? You think you are your story, but you are not.  You are aware. Your life is like a movie. You think you are the story, but you are the screen on which it plays.  Your story or plot is different from others’ and so you compare your manuscript against the plot of other people’s stories. You have become a movie critic. You give yourself 5 stars or 2 stars based on the conflict, the climax, and the resolution.  You think you are the story, separate from the screen. But in reality you are not the movie, you are the screen.  

You are the same at every age.  Only your experiences change. We are born, learn to walk, go through puberty, education, have children, mid-life crises and we die.  Through every age at 5, at 21, at 55 or 95 you are still there. Where else can you be? Who else can you be? Your skin changes, your weight changes, people come and go in your life, but you are still you.  You are the screen. You kept your attention on this surface story, and forgot the true nature of who you are.  You are the screen with magnificent and infinite potential to play whatever script you choose.

Your Life is the Screen

Without this infinite blank canvas there is no movie on which to project.  The screen does not change; it does not leave. This is the True Self. The screen is contentment and inner peace.  It is waiting to be acknowledged. When this awareness happens, we appreciate the experiences of life in the moment, celebrate the oneness, and let go of separation.  We have identified with the experiences so profoundly, that out of it matter, time and space perception becomes our master. This belief controls lives so strongly, that we attach the acting on the screen to the quality of our life.  This is a mistake. This is not true.

The screen is ever-present and is our nature.  Neither good or bad. It is stillness and vastness.  It has the potential to, its power lies in its ability to play infinite stories that we write and play out on its canvas.  By forgetting your true nature, you give your power to your story, instead of its creation. Without this awareness, the story is unstable, left to aimless meandering.  When we become aware we choose which movie to play just like your local IMAX or Regal cinema. You choose your thoughts and therefore your reality.

What is the Truth?

At a certain point in our lives, we realize we are not an individual entity moving about space and time.  We realize that we are a spirit that is one with all things. We are ever-present awareness. This is the beginning of our awakening and our path to enlightenment.

The Truth is, you are not your story.  You are so much more. Infinitely more.  

Like a drop of water in an ocean,  Like a sunray from the sun, Like a match flame thrown into a fire… Individuality is imagined.  How much more powerful is the ocean in its oneness, that a droplet of water that considers itself separate and lonely? Herein lies your happiness and the power of God. When we wake up to this reality, we reclaim the power of the One.  It always is, and cannot be otherwise.  

How to Awaken: Shift your Mindset

The only thing that needs to be done to find your true self, to get back in touch with the screen that is you release your attachment to the plot of the story.  First, you must believe in your true self. Then approach the life you want from the perspective of the screen. The story is shaped by choices. You create what you think about.  This is the mindset shift. Choose your own story and watch it unfold.

When we set an intention for what we want our story to be from the perspective of the screen, not the story we tell ourselves, we become a co-creator.    When we don’t set an intention, our story flounders and we wonder…. Who Am I? What is my purpose? This is the barrier. In awareness, we rest in the ever-present oneness of all that is and activate our own expression of God’s will for our life.  We overcome the prior perceived obstacles. 

A Journey without Distance

To effect this change, what needs to be done is to take the journey back to oneself.  This is the search for happiness. Come back. Wake up. Find your inner peace. Use this time of stillness to focus on the infinite potential within you,  where you find your inner peace, which never left you and never will. It has been obscured by drama, but you can clean your lens. Herein lies your purpose, your life, your peace.  And so it is.

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In Purpose, With pure Love and Light and Understanding,