The 3 Secrets On How to Transform Your Life,

Find Your Purpose and

Overcome Any Circumstances In 10 Days

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Secret #1 - Learn How To Manifest Abundance Through A Genuine Practice Of Gratitude

What you'll discover in this webinar...

Secret #3 - Discover Your Purpose And Infinite Potential To Overcome Any Circumstances In Your Life

Secret #2 - Uncover The Mindset To Living A Healthy And Balanced Life

WITHOUT Wasting Thousands of Dollars On Expensive Wellness Spas and Body Cleansing Retreats

Meet Your Host

Tonya Kinlow CEO, TKI Inspirations LLC

Tonya Kinlow is a Wellness Lifestyle Entrepreneur, A Woman in Technology, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Blogger, and an Author.

She has penned 3 books, A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating to Improve Well-being, The 10 Days, A Wellness Retreat for Personal Transformation. and A Wellness Journey, a Transformation Journal.

She writes a weekly blog, Mindfulness Matters, raising consciousness for holistically living a healthy life. An avid foodie and mindfulness enthusiast, Tonya left Corporate America in 2016 to launch the UGottaEat app, creating a virtual marketplace providing much needed fresh and healthy meals into local communities, and a platform for food sharing.

UGottaEat is dedicated to improving the overall health and wellness of society. Before founding UGottaEat, Tonya was a Finance Executive with a corporate career spanning over 26 years.

A crippling car accident involving her children led to the awakening of her spiritual journey. She takes great pride in being from Washington, DC and a graduate of Florida A&M University. Her greatest joys are her children, Evan and Taylor, and her husband, Chef Craig Stevens.

In this 60-minute

Mentoring Webinar, you'll learn:

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    Explore the science to hack your body’s chemistry — you’ll learn how mindful eating can eliminate chronic diseases

    Learn the #1 practice to reducing stress and living your purpose

    Learn the simple formula stop cravings for good and balance your body’s health needs WITHOUT starving yourself

    The stories of four people I've coached who not only transformed their lives by living in their purpose, but loved the entire wellness process.

    How people can shift their mindset to never be a victim again by eliminating the bad and toxic relationships in their lives

    How to achieve space and stillness so you can have divine guidance and improve the choices you make

    Understanding how unforgiveness is the first barrier to living your best life

    Start saying NO to others and YES to yourself

    Accept yourself for who you are and start working your way up

In this 60-minute

Mentoring Webinar,

you'll learn:


We will provide a link to download these FREE RESOURCES at the end of our Webinar.

Bonus #1


5 tips on how to meditate that anyone can do to live a calmer and balanced every day life

The Daily Agenda that "happy" people use to stop living in reactivity

Bonus #2


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See what we achieved in our training...

"I was introduced to an entirely new way of thinking and experiencing life. The tangible benefits of my participation have transformed my life."

Sandra McCall

"I know a lot of these things but could never quite put them all together. This made me stop and figure it out. I learned a lot in the process, and at the perfect time."

Deena Daggett

"Improved my mind, my health, reduced my pain and gave me more peace."

Davette Daggett

"This Wellness journey provides the blueprint for a healthy, centered life. Tonya Kinlow created something very special that will benefit the masses!"

Eurydice Stanley

"I gained great insight of myself and the world around me through the sessions and readings. I made it a point to start my day with the meditations.

They provided a great start to my day and set the tone for a productive and peaceful day."

Jessica Bullard

"I now practice yoga again, journal, and don't let myself feel guilty about taking my ME time. Thank you, Tonya, for helping me to find myself and remind me of life's endless beauty!"

Caitlin Reynolds

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Yes, Save My Seat Now!

The LIFE YOU HAVE Is Getting In

If even a snake can shed its skin, then why can't we?

Why can't we just shake off all of our negative thoughts that cause us grueling stress all day long?

Before becoming a wellness coach, I was not in the best place. I was hitting roadblock after roadblock, barely managing to get through the days.

I felt like I was constantly falling, without being able to get my life back on track.

I had this constant nagging and negative voice inside my head - it was so unbearable!

I knew I had hit ROCK BOTTOM when I found out that my 2 kids were in a car crash... without ME being there!

Up until this point, only a few people actually know all of the struggles that I had been through back then.

After seeing my kids alive and well, I could only thank GOD for saving them. And that's when I knew that I had to put my life back together, to find my purpose and give my children the future they deserve.

The road was long, and I know that I still haven't reached the finish line, but I have found ways to change my life forever!

I started practicing in the 7 areas of intention: meditation, mindful eating, self care, daily affirmations and journaling, kindness & gratitude, rest and exercise.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, it isn't so easy if you don't have a process follow. You need clear guidelines to how you can achieve your goals in each of these areas and that's why I have found the 3 Secrets on How To Transform Your Life and Start Living In Your Purpose.

So that's what I'd like to do today...

If you’re ready to cut through the confusion of how life is "turning against" you and how "unfair" all of this is, then join me now to learn how you can start living a better and peaceful life by DISCOVERING and LIVING in your purpose.

- TK

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Our Potential To Access Our Inner Potential Is No Longer Theoretical

If our human body has ancient wisdom encrypted within, how can we tap into that for deep healing and quantum revelations?

And what if the true way of awakening that force is by understanding the language of the body and the spirit?

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Welcome to the 10 Day Wellness Journey At Home Webinar

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