dream-boxI dreamed I was in a box.  I was poured into the crown of this box by The Great Author of All That Is to keep me safe, comfortable, and happy.  He had already written my story, and my supply was sufficient to satisfy every need and desire.  My box had warmth, candles, music, delicious foods, and loving relationships.  It had every craft and tool that I would and could ever need.  My life was the center of the Universe in this beautiful box.  It was my story.

My box had big beautiful windows from the floor to the sky where I could see the world around me.  There were shiny floaties outside the window that kept grabbing my attention. They looked fun and enticed me.  While The Great Author of All That Is supplied me with everything I could ever ask for to meet my every desire and accomplish every goal, I kept getting distracted.  Every once in a while, I would open the windows and let little pieces of me float outside, and they would attach themselves to these floaty wisps and fly away. Other times I would just grab the floaties and bring them into my box and hoard them for their beauty.  They looked like beautiful clothes and mansions and places but had not been written for me.

After some time, I realized my box was depleted of almost everything that originally came from The Great Author of All That Is.  The box had only a fraction of the density of its original content and was filled with other people’s stuff, which took up cubic space, but was really empty on the inside.  I had given away my treasures to the floaties outside.   I had so thinned out until one day I noticed that the density of the richness that was once in my box had become a vapor.  I looked in the mirror and could not even see myself anymore.  All that was left was the shell of the box.  Because I had voluntarily given myself away to these other shiny things, my fullest potential had floated away.  I felt alone and isolated.

Refilling My Box

I decided I wanted to be fulfilled again.  And so I went to The Great Author of All That Is and told Him to rewrite my story.  This was his reply…

“My sweet, dear child.  Your story cannot be changed, for it is already written in the eternal book.  Try as you might to demand and stomp your feet, the way to fill up your box to its original glory is your personal journey to take, but I will be with you.   You have free will to stray from the path of your True Self, but the Truth does not change. It may take you a thousand lifetimes to learn this, but I am The Great Author of All That Is.  I am the Truth, and my way is the only way.

“What you let in through the windows will never be of any real consequence to your story.  They are just what they look like, shiny floaties.  They are beautiful and for your enjoyment to gaze upon and appreciate, but only what is meant for you, is for you.   I promise my love, your pieces will come back to you when you seek them.  There is but one admonition.  Your pieces and blessing can only come to you through the crown of the box as it was in the beginning, never through the windows.  So keep your mind focused on your vision and your eyes on Me with true devotion, and I promise that through the spirit of love and grace, all will be restored onto you.”

And so I called back all of the pieces of me that I unwittingly gave to others.  I learned that the windows are on the horizontal plane and limit my potential.  I learned that when I think out of the box, I must focus squarely on the vertical plane, where incredible abundance flows in from a pool of unlimited resources.  The Great Author of All That Is has resources that can never be depleted.

Rediscovering Myself

And so I continued to turn my eyes upward and call myself back into myself, and once again was strong and dense and robust.  Soon my box grew and grew and began to merge with other boxes.  My box now had the power of many boxes until my joy was limitless.  Like a cup of water poured into the ocean, I can flow and glide.  I learned that what is in the whole is in the one, and what is in the one is in the whole. I am strong, loved, and secure again.

And so it is.

This is the journey of our lives.  It is the path to center our minds on our own true purpose to live life harmoniously written by The Great Author of All That Is and live it more abundantly.

I invite you to the Wellness Journey with me to reclaim the security and wellbeing you seek.  It is waiting to be fulfilled by The Great Author of All That Is, where all things are well.  THIS is Remarkable Wellness.

Love & Light,