Do a Wellness Retreat…while stuck at home.

I’ve stayed at home as instructed per state Covid-19 directives.  My husband is an essential worker, a Chef on the front line feeding students in need.  He has been able to spend slightly more time at home. In the last 3 weeks, we (he) made all the favorites.  Fried chicken and jojos (thick fried wedge potatoes). Linguini pasta and marinara sauce. Fried tilapia and rice pilaf.  Two types of flatbread pizzas, one with spicy turkey sausage and another was a caprese. Blue crabs and beer. Ravioli with spinach with roasted red pepper pesto.  Chicken fajitas with all the fixings. Branzino, salmon, etcetera, etcetera. The nights we didn’t cook we just ate popcorn or chips, again with beer and wine. Don’t judge me.

Herd Mentality

We ate all of this while being glued to the TV immersed in the current stats, and shutdowns in our nations. So I started calling my family and friends around the country more to check-in. Also, I stopped working out, spent ridiculous hours in my recliner taking in large amounts of news and social content. I cheered on the health care workers, underpaid teachers, and parents stuck with a houseful of kids ALL day, played games with the letters of my name and posted pics with my firstborn. All distractions. 

Recognizing Stress Indicators

Do you know what I got for it?  My stomach started to protrude, and my clothes were getting tight. Clearly, I gained weight.  Ugh. I was lethargic and started getting headaches. That’s when I realized this was all stress-related.  Just like that I had been sucked into the mire of the world and forgot where my strength lies. When I “woke up” I realized I was living contrary to a happy and healthy life.  And because the Universe is kind, I was reminded of the formula to get out of this funk… 7 intentions to overcome anything that confronts you. It starts with a mindset shift.   

Mindset Shift for Overcoming Stress

There is a proven way to overcome anxiety. You are what you think about. Period.  As a man thinketh so he is…Where you put your attention, your energy flows and all that jazz. You’ve heard it all before.  From a spiritual perspective, we’ve already been directed.  

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you.

Isaiah 26:3

From a practical perspective it means this; shift your mindset and focus squarely on what brings you wellbeing (divine power), not fear (of the virus).  The choices for your wellbeing also naturally protect you from the virus. Fear is the cause of stress and sickness. So when you keep your mind on higher things, you will exponentially improve your mental health and remove all doubt.  

Turn Home Into A Wellness Retreat 

I have changed my tune, and I am on day 3 of The 10 Days, A Wellness Retreat for personal transformation at home, and I am inviting you to attend it with me.  

This wellness retreat is for anyone who desperately wants to discover their own inner peace in the midst of uncertainty.  The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to retreat from our daily lives. You may feel like you want to get away and a wellness retreat is just what you need, but you’re on lockdown!  However this is literally a journey without distance. The 10 Days is a Wellness Retreat to Transform your life…at home!  Here’s the plan…

You spend 10 days dedicating yourself to 7 areas of intention to create remarkable wellness and the life you want. You WILL be transformed. The 7 areas of intention are Meditation, Exercise, Mindful Eating, Self-Care, Journaling & Daily Affirmations, Kindness & Gratitude, and Sleep & Silence.  You are guided through the 7 intentions, track your intentionality with a 24-point system, and create a journal that will at the same time capture and release all the barriers that keep you feeling stressed.  Each of these intentions is powerful in and of themselves, but when put together in a certain way they exponentially raise your consciousness.  

During the retreat, you give yourself permission to immerse yourself in yourself, just like when you are on vacation.  Thus you will pamper yourself, exercise, eat mindfully, take time for contemplation and time with God. The intentions keep your mind aligned with your best self and desires. 

It would be a shame to waste this time gaining weight, getting depressed and worrying when I can actually emerge powerfully vibrant.   So your transformation begins now.  

The 10 Days, A Wellness Retreat for Personal Transformation at Home.

There are a variety of ways to be supported on your Wellness Retreat. The books, The 10 Days and A Wellness Journey are available on Amazon.  The 10 Days online course gives you visual instruction and great content to view at your own pace.  This course is available instantly by registering here. A live and interactive Wellness Journey (through zoom) begins April 20, 2020, for 8 weeks, where we cover one intention each week and have time for open discussion and questions.  The Journey includes a 1:1 Transformation Session and a personalized plan to continue your path to remarkable wellness. Reserve your space now. The first 5 registrants for the Wellness Journey will receive early bird pricing of 50% off! Finally, you can subscribe to the new TK Inspirations YouTube channel for a deeper exchange on the 7 intentions, or to stay encouraged daily.

This is your time. Take this uncertain time in our world and join me in all things wellness!  Let’s come out of this crisis stronger than when we went in. 

Love & Light,