Words are expressions of thought, and thoughts are power. Thoughts and words are like twins actually. They happen instantly together. For example, breathing in and then breathing out. One comes before the other, and one comes after the other, but above all, they happen together in harmony.

Essentially, thoughts equal words equal power.  

The Power of Words

There are 5 words that you probably use every day without realizing the impact that they have on the direction of your mindset and success.  They are so powerful, that they actually are the reason for stress, uncertainty, and misery in many lives. There are cultures and languages where these words do not even exist, and these cultures live much more contented lives.

Recognize the power that words have.  The ability to influence. To insult, to compliment, to inquire and to create.  Moreover, pay attention to the words and the energy that you receive. Just like the words you are reading now.  Do these words feed your soul, enhance your ideas and broaden your perspective? Each sentence and every meaning is delivering a message and a unit of thought.  An energetic transmission. Protect what you let in, and select wisely what you let out. With this simple acknowledgment on a day to day basis, you accelerate the trajectory of your life’s happiness.  It’s that simple really. Say this next sentence out loud. My words have the power to change my life and the lives of others. My words are powerful!  

By eliminating these 5 words from your vocabulary, your thoughts will change.  As a result, the new ways of expression eliminate resistance and negative energy. You not only immediately raise your vibration that opens up possibilities, but also erase your limited thoughts/energy/power as you propel yourself into wonderful possibilities beyond your wildest imagination. 

Eliminate these 5 Words

  • Could
  • Would
  • Should
  • Not 
  • Try

These words are limiting.  They are weak, non-committal and disbelieving.  They give power to the possibility of lack and uncertainty, versus a steadfast affirmation of your ability to achieve your goals.  Notice the energetic difference in the power of these statements:

Instead of saying…

Try saying…

I should exercise today. I feel good when I exercise.
I should stop drinking so much. I drink in moderation.
I would by that house if I had the money. I will have a house like that one day.
I could get a promotion. I am working at a high level, and my promotion is on its way.
I could be happy if I get… I am thankful for the good things that I already have.
I’ll try to get to that this week. I will do it by Friday.
I am trying to lose weight. I am getting closer to my ideal weight.
I cannot forgive them for what they did to me. I will forgive them in due time and release this burden of resentment I carry.
I can’t do it. I do things my way.
I can’t meditate. I understand mediation feeds my spiritual growth, and when I am ready I will meditate.

Do you feel the difference in the energy in each of those statements?   When you eliminate weak words and replace them with empowering words, your thoughts and your life will do the same.  Your turn up your own power exponentially. Speak positive power over your life.

Take the “should, would, could, try, not” out of your vocabulary, and watch your life transform.

Love & Light,