Old age is now en vogue! Silver or salt and pepper hair.  Generational Wisdom. Memories and experiences. Culture. Mature relationships.  Inner Peace. All of these things are the benefits and byproduct of getting older.  And it is a wonderful unfolding that people are starting to recognize and look forward to this season of life when you live it right. I am celebrating my birthday and leading a new trend this year.  I approach my birthday with gladness and a sense of maturity and freedom like never before. At the same time I can’t help but wonder, who made Old is a bad word, and getting old negative? Getting older is en vogue and I am happy to be a trendsetter! 

Old Age Birthday Blessings

Here are things that I embrace at the young/old age of 52. It is also my 13th birthday being I was born on February 29th. I could play all the head games all I want, but I choose to face reality. I’m not in puberty, I’m in menopause! 

  1. I stopped coloring my hair. My grey is growing in these amazing streaks! The coloring hid how nice my natural patterns are. I’m still beautiful, kind and I earned every strand. Old beauty is en vogue.  
  2. I don’t wear high heels anymore. Because It’s difficult to feel sexy when your feet hurt, and pain makes me short-tempered. I want to feel comfortable and happy at all times.  I see you beautiful ladies limping and switching to flipflops by the end of the night.  Go on girl, do it! You look Marvelous! Comfortable beauty is the new trend. And I am a trendsetter.  

Why shouldn’t we all celebrate our self-awareness at any age?  Won’t you join me as a role model by showing our children the brilliance of living an authentic life at every age?  

Be an Old Trendsetter

In most cultures, getting older and the wisdom of elders was revered.  However the elderly feel invisible now. We have let them down by following the trendsetter’s self-interest and materialism be our souls desire. So I’m leading a new trend, which is really an old trend, back to love, wisdom and inner beauty.  All you have to do is affirm what you want to be, and make it so. We ALL have that power. Activate it by appreciating the experiences that came with your age and radiate your wisdom, love, and joy.

I want to encourage all of my Old people to take care and responsibility and HONOR in the position your old age gives you.  Determine to lead the younger generation towards wisdom and gravitas in old age through your example. You are a trendsetter.  

Celebrate Your En Vogue Age

My parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  They are at the age of 80, have raised 5 kids and now have grandkids and great-grandkids.  Ah-mazing. I asked my dad at their anniversary celebration, why does he care what anyone thinks of him at this point?  Then the room got quiet and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. My point is this: He’s lived an admirable life, a man of God, is highly respected, and has built relational equity from being a man of his word.  His character is well established. So why worry about what anyone else says?  

There is no way to have grandkids without getting older.  Your body is going to change. Don’t be mad that the sun will rise tomorrow.  Develop a radical determination to be happy for your life at every point and stop pining for things that are past.  No more complaining.  

Life is a collection of love and pain, and joy and triumph.  Old age allows us to experience these wonders. If you are down on yourself as you age, think about it and ask yourself, why?  No one can put you in a box, only you can do that. The good news is you can let yourself out.

“Why do you stay in prison, when the door is wide open?” –Rumi

Join me and accepting and celebrate getting older.  Wear the wisdom, the beauty, and the body pains like a badge of honor.  Don’t let society deter from your life’s purpose. Youth and Old age are twins, essentially the other side of the same coin.  Only death can save you from having one without the other.  

Celebrate wisdom, celebrate life, celebrate old age.  Now you are all the rage!  

Happy Birthday to me!

Love & Light,