Does life excite you, or frighten you?

I was sitting across from a friend at a dinner party. There was a beautiful candelabra between us in the middle of this long table. As I looked at the flames, I noticed that the tops of the fire had edges like a fork. I asked my friend, sitting directly across from me if he could see it. And as we both turned our attention to one candle, in particular, the flame grew! The fork turned into a normal flame, and a thin string of light began to stretch upward until it was much higher than the other candles. Our focused energy changed the shape of the flame. He was like, “That’s crazy!” I said, let’s try another one! He said, “No, that’s enough. Too freaky!” I turned to my friend sitting next to me and said in amazement, did you see what just happened with the candle? She too shifted away uncomfortably.  

The Ladder of Questions

I thought, am I that different to be excited by how energy and the power of the mind can work? So I ask you… If I could make flames rise and fall, would you become afraid? Why? Would you burn me on a stake? Or would you curious and even want to learn how you too can unleash your nonphysical powers and begin discovering the other realities in the Universe? 

If you had psychic abilities and could intuit the thoughts of others, would you use them?

If you could change the energy in the room to yield to your ultimate happiness, would you?

If you could use your intuition to predict outcomes and make good decisions, would you?

On some level, we all have these abilities. You know when someone is staring at you across the room. You can feel when someone is standing too close to you. That is your energy field, your spirit, your intuition. They usually just happen reflexively, like breathing. But even with breathing, we become intentional …we take deep breaths, hold our breath, blow out candles, etc. Like breathing, we can use our intuitive power and inner spirit to explore and enjoy a bigger reality that connects us to the Universe and the divine.  

Escaping the Cave

In Part I, we could see that reality is relative and limited. In Socrates’s commentary from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, he suggests the path to enlightenment requires 4 stages in our development…1. Imprisonment, 2. Release from Chains, 3. Ascension out of limited thinking and 4. Return to enlighten the imprisoned. I interpret it like this… Fear is prison (#1). It is the barrier to your fullest potential. When you let go of fear, you are released from chains (#2). You then realize that you are powerful beyond your own expectations, and that is your break from limited thinking (#3). Then you understand how to live in the space of happiness, contentment, and confidence. When you wake up to your full potential, your light radiates, and you make the world a better place just by being you(#4).

Unlimited Thinking is Your Power

Fear is a trick to keep you oppressed by making you afraid of your own power. Only the courageous and awakened can live the abundant life promised. Wake up to your limiting beliefs. Stop interpreting the unexplained as unfavorable or some type of voodoo. Remember that in an infinite Universe, there is an infinity beyond your understanding. Turn your face toward the power of the Universe, not away from it. There is much more ability for good in your life vs. bad when you face fear and stand it down.  

You can begin to create the life you want by consciously using your own positive energy. Today it’s a flame. Tomorrow it’s a car or a new relationship. You don’t just have to let life happen to you. You are powerful. Utilize the bigger reality and enjoy the unlimited possibilities of God.

Escape the cave. Live life limitlessly.

Love & light,