Here is a story about prisoners in a cave that are chained and facing the back wall where they cannot turn their heads to see what is behind them.  The light coming from a great fire behind them casts shadows on the walls in front of them. These shadows are cast from others carrying objects. These prisoners have been chained there for their entire lives. Allegories are stories that have hidden moral or political meanings.  This story is Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, written about 380BC with incredible wisdom. Plato is a great philosopher.

Fear (disbelief) is a Prisoner

What is the moral of this story?  The point is that the prisoners’ reality had been constricted to the shadows on the wall, even though there is much, much more to life.  Had that prisoner been freed, he would have difficulty adapting to the Truth of the world because of his limited life’s condition. He would be amazed by sunlight, by seeing actual other people in the flesh and in color, by nature and civilization.  The hidden moral, or allegory, is that we too live in a type of cave. Consider this, If you saw something, amazing and totally extraordinary and out of your norm, would you be open-minded and receptive? Or would you be afraid, doubtful, and run back to the comfort of your norm (the cave) versus experiencing a new type of freedom.  Could you live outside of the cave? If Jesus or Buddha appeared to you in your kitchen, would you be elated, honored, blessed? Or would you run out of the house in fear and go talk to a therapist? Ask yourself:  

How can you invite the miraculous into your life if you are frightened of it?

Your Spirit is Infinite Potential

The world is one planet, revolving around one sun in one galaxy, amongst billions of galaxies, revolving yet around even a bigger center. 

  • Do you understand that the knowledge you have is like a grain of sand to all that is True in the Universe?
  • Can you agree that you have capabilities that are beyond your mind’s understanding until you learn them?  Like a baby learning to walk, or a person learning to drive.
  • Then what keeps us from reaching and tapping into a bigger reality and access more abilities once they are brought to awareness?  

Given we only have a minuscule knowledge of all that is true, then an infinite amount of things can occur that you cannot explain.  

If you have a need to explain everything to be happy, then you can now see how you constrain your own happiness.  You will constantly be in some state of frustration. So, when you release your need to explain the inexplicable, you open yourself up to infinite possibilities…which is where your power lies.  

Unleash your Power

In Part II we will explore events that fill us with vibrations of our own inner power, that alarm the ones around us.  When our loved ones are alarmed by our expansion, we reflexively begin to contract so we won’t be seen as “different.” This got me thinking…How can we become more powerful, when we are afraid to let the light of our newfound power shine?  Or are we really afraid of what other people think of us when we express our power?

Think on these things.  Are you like the prisoner in the cave, afraid of a bigger, brighter reality? Are you afraid of your power, or are you afraid of being different from your prisoner family and therefore limit your full potential?  Which is it?

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” –Rumi

Love & Light,


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