The Lessons of Impeachment Query

We are at a very historic time in American History.  An impeachment query has been formalized in Congress, with the vote basically split by party line.  Impeachment is “the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.”  Politically, The United States of America is calling into the integrity or validity of the President.  We, each one and collectively, are in the process of creating history in every moment, but this is definitely is an inflection point.  You and I have a serious direct responsibility to understand what the US Constitution says and stands for, are we, each one and collectively, abiding by it.   Do we want to soften the standards to where they become so threadbare that they are really no standard at all?  

Constitutional Responsibility

This is a stress test for the US Constitution and it defines who we are, or we aspire to be as a country.  This is the seriousness of the times we are living in. It is your constitutional responsibility and your duty as a United States Citizen, to pay attention to the Impeachment hearings and understand directly what is going on in our country, and what is at stake.  The reason you are so important to the process is that it works like this– once you make a determination on the facts and how you want to soul of the county to be, you let your Representatives and Senators know your opinions and why.  

When you transmit your critical thinking, energy and thoughtful analysis to their mind, then you have just added influence into the decision.  Make calls, and write letters as your transmission tools. Never forget that Prayer works. This is all within your power. This is your wake-up call & the recognition of your importance on this planet.  That you can participate in a big ideal, which is the Constitution of the United States of America, and let your thoughts, your energy your love of this country, influence and co-create its grand design.

So my question to you is, The basic question is, “Are YOU impeachable?”

the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.”

Have a little talk with yourself.  Can your integrity or validity be called into question? When you stand in your truth and your power, it cannot.  But the question is still a good one to investigate, to see if there are little pockets where you are unaware of any misalignment with your truest self your best virtues.  Where are you not being kind? Who are you judging or complaining about? Where are you playing it small? Has your self-worth reached a level of wisdom where you are able to realize that everything you do matters? Everything you do matters.   

Post Impeachment Query

If after this little investigation you find little cracks in the armor or chinks in the chain, that’s good!  All things are lessons that God would have us learn. Now with more understanding and wisdom, you can go about filling in the cracks.  Now is the time. When you pay attention to what is going on around you and become an active participant, you become impeachable. That means standing in your truth.  Realizing your importance.  

When you release your voice and energy and combine it with others in the same high vibration, you create a force for good and change that cannot be measured, nor even envisioned.  Do it. When you stand in your truth, you are unimpeachable. Don’t worry about the past. Don’t worry about the future. Just be unimpeachable at this moment, and then this moment, and at this moment and on and on.  And before you know it, you are living in your truth.  

You are unimpeachable.  

Love & Light,