This past year, I’ve met an astonishing number of amazing women that have a child with a developmental disability.  I am encouraged that we are able to support one another and speak openly about disabilities nowadays. My son, Evan, has a physical disability.  He is paralyzed from the chest down. He was 15 years old, almost 10 years ago, when the accident happened that stole his mobility. His story is mine.  And my story is yours. 

I am connected with all women who keep the family together, work, as well as advocate for their child’s care and wellbeing at school, with doctors, and in hospitals. All the while, encouraging social normalcy and reassuring other children that they are also important and loved.  We are bonded in our desperation for inner peace, and remarkable wellness for our children and our lives. I want to let you know that every shadow has a light, and inner peace is closer than you think. It’s in the miracles…


On January 2nd, my son went into the hospital for the 4th time in 6 months.  Evan had a high white blood cell count, lethargy, and bouts of dangerously high Blood Pressure (BP) spikes. Pain and uncertainty was the daily ritual.  He’s lost 40 lbs. A nightmare. Weekend staffing was low. As soon as he started to turn the corner, they ordered immediate discharge. It was too soon.  We asked for and received an additional day of observation, and he returned home on Day 8.

That was the painful part.  We choose to focus on the Light….

Miracle Mindfulness

Miracle #1: When I called my dad to let him know about Evan in the hospital, unbeknownst to me, that very day he had been working on plans to visit Evan.  I picked Dad up on my way, he helped me drive, AND he got to see Evan sooner than expected. 

Miracle #2: Evan requested to skip straight to the MRI because he has been through this process.  Evan’s diagnosis was accelerated. His method was better than the Doctors.

Miracle #3:  I meditated and prayed all morning for God to send us comfort, and bring about solutions and positive healing to Evan’s body.  Not 5 minutes after I entered Evan’s room that morning, the Chaplain came in. He and my son hit it off immediately and Evan asked him to pray with us.  I had literally just requested God to send healing and make it so plain that we had to know it was Him. In all these years of hospital visits, I can only remember being visited once before.  This is the Grace of God.  

Miracle #4: Evan told the Chaplain I was from Virginia and he said, 

“No way! What part?”  

“I just moved to Fredericksburg, VA last week.”  

“No way! My kids live there” he said. “We are thinking about moving since they are about to start a family.”  

Mind you, we were in the hospital in Dayton, Ohio.  Random? Not at all. It is synchronicity.  

Miracle #5:  Evan’s caseworker was planning to come to the hospital on Wednesday for his annual review.  She agreed he would benefit from a very expensive hospital bed with cutting edge technology to minimize these infections.  It takes years to get approved on a waiting list unless you are in the hospital. She spoke with the discharge nurse and when she returned said, “The bed will be delivered tomorrow!” If we had not asked to stay an extra day, he would have been on a waiting list.  We were totally awestruck! Great is His Mercy.


Miracles & Synchronicities are alarms that remind you and inspire you that you are in your purpose.  They make life a little easier and lighter. Only your awareness is required to let the inspiration lead you.  I have a front-row seat to the miracles all around Evan. It is clear to me now that he IS a miracle, and being his mother is the blessing of my life. 

Look to the miraculous courage in your children to inspire you.  It will deliver the inner peace that surpasses all understanding.  This is the lesson that will shift everything in your life. He did it for me, and I know He will do it for you.

Love & Light,


“…God can work a miracle for you
Step aside
You got to let go
And let God
And let go and let God be God
Move yourself out of the way
Move your pride out of the way
He’ll never leave you
Nor forsake you
This is what I know, it ain’t just what I heard
So Thank You Lord for being awesome to me
You’re marvelous…”

From “Step Aside,” Yolanda Adams